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Department of Transport assures the West Gate Bridge is not sinking

The Department of Transport has shot down reports that the West Gate Bridge is sinking.

The Herald Sun reports part of the bridge will have to be jacked up because it’s sinking in silty soil.

Head of transport services at the Department of Transport, Nick Foa, insists the bridge, which usually carries more than 200,000 vehicles a day, is safe.

“It’s perfectly safe, it’s on bedrock and it’s not going anywhere,” he told Ross and Russel.

Mr Foa said area affected by movement is on the approach to the bridge, not on the bridge itself.

“There’s a bit of differential movement in the approach to the bridge and we just need to make sure it’s a smooth ride for motorists,” he said.

“The bridge itself is not moving.”

Mr Foa said the movement is normal, and the work is part of a routine maintenance program.

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