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Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton confirms he’ll apply for top police job

Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton has confirmed he’ll throw his hat in the ring for the top job.

Current Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton is stepping down from the role in June.

Mr Patton is considered the front runner to become his successor, but he played down his chances of success in an interview with Neil Mitchell.

“I’ll be one of many applicants,” he said.

“It would be an honour to lead Victoria Police, but there will be many good quality people put in.”

Former Victoria Police deputy Sir Ken Jones has also confirmed he’ll run for the top job.

Emergency Services Commissioner Andrew Crisp is also thought to be in with a chance if he chooses to apply.

Press PLAY below for the full interview with Mr Patton, which also covers coronavirus, family violence, booze buses, and what to do if you’re being tailgated.

Image: Mark Peterson / Getty