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Deputy Premier says Victoria’s contact tracers are rapidly tracking down ‘every single lead’

Deputy Premier James Merlino says Victoria’s contact tracing system has greatly improved, but he admits he hasn’t been briefed on the results of a fact-finding mission which saw health officials travel to NSW.

Mr Merlino told Neil Mitchell the system is “performing at a level that we absolutely need it to perform”.

“We’ve got extra people available,” he said.

“We’ve switched over to a digital platform.

“We are ensuring that every single lead is rapidly, rapidly tracked down, and it’s working.”

But Mr Merlino said he has not seen the final report from the fact-finding mission to investigate the contact tracing system in NSW.

Premier Daniel Andrews announced on September 8 that a group of health and defence personnel were travelling to NSW to meet with contact tracers there.

James Merlino: I don’t have the final report but what we have learnt…

Neil Mitchell: That finished weeks ago. We haven’t got a report yet? Jeez.

James Merlino: Neil, I haven’t seen a report…

Neil Mitchell: Hang on, they went up several weeks ago. Isn’t it urgent?

James Merlino: The advice I’ve got is that what we have learnt is that we compare very very well. There’s very few differences between the contact tracing teams in terms of performance and in terms of operation.

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