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Derryn Hinch pans Cory Bernardi’s bid to split from the Liberal Party

Derryn Hinch has panned Cory Bernardi’s bid to split from the Liberal Party.

Mr Hinch said Mr Bernardi should quit parliament and re-run, but doesn’t think he will.

‘He hasn’t got the guts to test it with the people, because he knows he wouldn’t get re-elected,’ he said.

Mr Hinch said it could end up being beneficial to Prime Minister Turnbull.

‘Maybe he’s better off having Bernardi outside. It removes one more extreme right-wing conservative from the party room.’ 

In a wide-ranging interview, Mr Hinch also said he doesn’t approve of safe injecting rooms, and blasted the Victorian government for paying for taxis so families can visit youth prisoners at Barwon jail.

‘Are they also going to decide to pay the cabs for the victims so they can go see their doctor?’ he said.

‘Or maybe pay for the cabs for one of the home invasion victims to go to work because they had their car stolen?’ 

‘Maybe they could ask the parents to contribute to pay for some of the damages that these young thugs have done inside the prisons.’ 

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