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Designers frustrated by ‘copies’ being sold by large retailers

Australian designers say they have had enough of cheap replicas of their work being sold at large retailers for a fraction of the cost.

The Design Institute of Australia claims a wooden stool to be sold at Aldi is of a similar design to a $550 stool designed by Mark Tuckey.

The stool, which was due to be released on Wednesday, will now be available for purchase next week, with Aldi shoppers keen to snap it up.

The institute is calling for stricter intellectual property laws and CEO Jo-Ann Kellock told 3AW Breakfast it was demoralising for artists.

“We are finding there’s been an escalation in this behaviour among retailers,” she said.

“It’s lost opportunity from our perspective.”

In a post on social media, Aldi cited production issues and said the stool will be available for purchase next Wednesday.

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