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‘Despair and anger’: Melbourne business owners call for Daniel Andrews to resign


Businesses from one of Australia’s most famous shopping and dining precincts are furious with Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews as Melbourne’s coronavirus relapse sends the city back into lockdown for the next six weeks.

Stage Three stay at home restrictions will cripple struggling business owners and deliver a $1 billion blow to the economy every week.

Chapel Street Precinct President Justin O’Donnell tells Brooke Corte business owners are feeling despair and anger.

“The business owners in our precinct are very angry,

“Our businesses did everything right, they went over and above to ensure social distancing, sanitising, and getting ready for reopening,

“Just as we were successfully doing that and starting to see some business come back, through the incompetence and mismanagement of our premier and state government, we’re now faced with having to shut down again,

Mr O’Donnell says he was ‘disgusted’ with the premier when he suggested the resurgence of the coronavirus was due to complacency from the Victorian people.

“I’ll tell you right now, if he was the CEO of my company, I would’ve sacked him.

“The mood on the street is that we’ve lost complete trust with the premier…. he should resign.”

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