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Blind man ‘devastated and humiliated’ after guide dog kicked out of restaurant

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A blind man’s seeing eye dog has been kicked out of a restaurant in regional Victoria, leaving its owner feeling ‘humiliated’.

Michelle told Tom Elliott her 69-year-old uncle Les (above) had a reservation on Sunday night at the Colac restaurant for two adults and a guide dog.

“But when they arrived at the restaurant the staff became quite erratic and quickly ushered them out,” Michelle said.

“They then said you can come in but your dog has to be tied up outside.

“It’s discrimination.

“It was the way that they treated him, a part from the fact that they had no right.”

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“He was humiliated, he was devastated,” she said.

Michelle said she called the restaurant to complain.

Les said it’s not the first time it’s happened to him, with some restaurateurs requesting he eat out on the street with his dog.

“I’m just really annoyed that people don’t respect the law,” he said.

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Tom Elliott described the incident as ‘terrible’.

“Honestly, it’s illegal, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen,” he said.

word on the street