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Digby’s mum relieved after her escape artist son wandered out of their new home

UPDATE: The 7-year-old boy who escaped his Carlton home on his first night in Melbourne is a bit of an escape artist, his relieved mum says. 

Toni Swain discovered Digby, who has Down syndrome, was missing from his bed this morning. 

He was found wandering down Lygon Street in his pyjamas.

She told Tony Jones deadlocks being replaced at their new home were to blame. 

A cheeky Digby moved boxes out of the way of the door.

‘Last night I barricaded the door with moving boxes thinking he wouldn’t be able to shift them because they are too heavy but he’s a strong fella,’ she said.

But Digby was none-the-wiser to the stress and panic he’d caused mum, happily playing with police, enjoying a slice of toast and getting a rundown of CCTV cameras.

‘He was having a good time at the police station!’

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