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Disgust over sentence handed down to men who shot an officer

The secretary of the Police Association has expressed concern over the sentencing of two men who shot at a police officer at close range in Moonee Ponds two years ago.

Sam Liszczak and Rodney Phillips were sentenced to 7 years and 10 months and 8 years respectively for a string of offences with the charge relating to the shooting itself attracting a four year sentence.

Constable Ben Ashmole pursued the pair in July 2015 and was left with 14 pellets lodged in his skull.

Sergeant Wayne Gatt said the sentence had left a ‘bitter taste’ among members of the force. 

‘We can’t have a situation where crooks on the street prefer having running gun battles with our police rather than running from them,’ he told Neil Mitchell.

‘There’s a problem out there, crooks at the moment feel like they are winning they feel they can come to the fight and win.’


Sly of the Underworld told Ross and John that ‘pragmatism beats justice’ these days. 

‘Once upon a time, if you shot at police the consequences were dire,’ he said.

‘The reality is, they shot a policeman and got away with it.’ 

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