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Disgusting Food Museum curator isn’t a fan of “vile” popular Australian confectionery

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What’s the most disgusting food in the world?

It’s a question that’s attempting to be answered at the recently-opened Disgusting Food Museum in Malmo, Sweden.

Chief Curator at the museum Dr Samuel West told Neil Mitchell he was a fan of Vegemite, although didn’t appreciate Musk sticks.

Both items appear in the museum as part of the elaborate display of unique foods from around the globe.

“Those things are nasty,” he said of the popular Australian confectionery.

“They taste vile and this is the point of the museum, (Australians) like that type of candy because you’ve familiar and grown up with it. Other people haven’t and they think it’s disgusting.

“If you would try some extra salty liquorice from Sweden, you’d probably spit it out.”

Dr West said the most disgusting thing he’d even eaten hailed from Iceland.

“There’s nothing that can compete with the Icelandic rotten shark,” he said.

“They prefer to call it fermented.”

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