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13CABS apologises for ‘communication breakdown’ after complaint from Melbourne mum

Neil Mitchell


13CABS has apologised for what it calls a breakdown in communication after a Melbourne mum complained about an interaction with a cab driver.

Yesterday Paul Harrison told Neil Mitchell his wife was left “flustered and upset” when the driver pulled up at the house after picking her up in South Yarra on June 30.

“She went to leave the taxi, the driver said he really liked her and he was going to keep her number and could he please have a kiss,” Paul told Neil Mitchell.

“She said she was absolutely distraught because she had been discussing she had kids and a husband, and of course she said no.”

The family were dismayed that the company had failed to contact them after they lodged a complaint.

David Samuel from 13CABS has today apologised for the breakdown in communication and confirmed the driver has been taken off the road while the matter is investigated.

“He has been off the road, yes,” he said.

He said Paul and his wife weren’t informed but the complaint was dealt with immediately.

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Neil Mitchell