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DIY content: Isolation is inspiring social media gold

With so many people around the world stuck at home, we aren’t just consuming more social media.

We’re making a lot more, too.

Here’s some favourites from 3AW’s digital boss Matt Cram as part of his Top Trends

The rise of homemade political satire

When an ABC journo was a bit to dominant in a press conference for the Prime Minister’s liking, he decided to play umpire.

The minor telling-off was an immediate his and has sparked many funny spin-offs.
Here’s two of our favourites


Dancing/singing videos
OK there’s simply too many to start listing them, so we’ll just post the most viral from this week.

WFH fun
While working from home, a lot of people are experiencing video conferencing for the first time, and some of the results are hilarious.
Our favourite example is this very simple photo, captioned: My boss accidentally turned herself into a potato and then didn’t know how to reverse it, so she spent the whole meeting like this.