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DIY divorce: How artificial intelligence is cutting lawyers out of separation

About 50,000 couples divorce in Australia every year, and just as many defacto couples separate.

Now, groundbreaking new artificial intelligence, known as Amica, is allowing them to resolve family law disputes without involving lawyers or courts.

Amica project chief and Director of National Legal Aid, Gabrielle Canny, explained how it works.

“It takes into account the couple’s assets and circumstances as entered by the couple,” she told Ross and Russel.

“It takes into account agreements commonly reached by other couples in similar situations and then, of course, how courts generally handle disputes of this nature.”

But it’s not suitable for every situation.

“For those complicated matters i really say you should get  lawyer, but for the more simple matters, where the parties are amicable, they’re able to agree, they just want to get it done.”

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