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Dodgy cockroach infested cosmetic surgery clinic bust sparks HIV and hepatitis fears

A dodgy cosmetic surgery clinic has been busted, after several people were reported coming out of a Springvale jewellery shop with bloody, bandaged faces.

The local council received multiple reports of bloodied customers leaving the Thanh Loi jewellery store in Springvale Shopping Centre, which were passed on to health officials.

The Department of Health raided the jewellery shop and found a filthy cosmetic surgery clinic hidden inside, with cockroaches crawling across equipment.

Victoria’s chief health officer, Brett Sutton, urged anyone who visited the store for a procedure to visit their doctor.

“The risk of these bloodborne viruses being transmitted is very real, so we want people to go to their GP and get tested for hepatitis b and c, and HIV,” he told 3AW’s Ross and John.

Customers at the dodgy clinic received a range of procedures including eyebrow and eyelid tattoos, mole removal, facial fillers, and skin tightening procedures.

The Department of Health has the details of 68 clinic customers who will be contacted today.

The unlicensed clinic began operation in January 2018, so there are concerns hundreds of others may have undergone cosmetic procedures there.

The chief health officer urged anyone considering undergoing cosmetic surgery to check the qualifications of their practitioner.