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Does Australia need a declaration of values? Tom Elliott finds out more

A proposal for an Australian declaration of values by prominent activist and lawyer Noel Pearson would be a “unifying” force for good, an academic says.

Shireen Morris, a postdoctoral fellow at the Melbourne University Law School, says the “inspiring and interesting” idea was first raised by MP Julian Leeser and Damien Freeman.

The idea is the declaration could be recited by school children.

“I think the idea Noel Pearson has brought to this which I find really compelling is that this declaration should bring together the three parts of Australia,” she said.

“The ancient Indigenous heritage, our inherited British institution and our multicultural achievements.”

Ms Morris said it was time for Australians to have a conversation and come to a consensus.

It could also be in the spirit of the American Declaration of Independence.

“I’d love to see a recounting of the history, and a resolution of those things, a positive uplifting shared aspiration for a unified reconciled future,” she said.

“I’ve seen some inspiring drafts.”

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