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DOG’S BEST FRIEND – Interview with ‘Oddball’ star Shane Jacobson


DOG’S BEST FRIEND – Oddball star Shane Jacobson explains why dogs are the best people.

If you thought you knew what a dog lover sounded like, listen to Shane Jacobson sing the praises of the Mareema breed while spruiking his lovely family film Oddball.

Set in Warrnambool and based on a true story, the film tells of chicken farmer Allan ‘Swampy’ Marsh (played by Jacobson) who retasks his chicken-protecting dog Oddball to protect a local colony of penguins from the foxes that have all-but-exterminated them.

Best-known for his performance in the classic 2006 comedy Kenny, Jacobson had been associated with the film for about six years and is glad the film is coming out the same weekend as another terrific Australian family film, Blinky Bill. He agrees it’s another sign of just how good a year it’s turning out to be for Australian film.

He is especially proud of how the film’s conservation message is grounded in reality – the Warrnambool penguin colony is now flourishing.

With the pending release of another fine film in which he stars, The Dressmaker, in just a few weeks and a stack of projects on his dance card, Jacobson – always a fun interview – was in especially high spirits when we spoke.

Please enjoy.

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