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Dogs feet turn green after walking through ‘Round Up’ at Williamstown park

A woman walking her dog was shocked to find it had walked through council sprayed herbicide ‘Round Up’ at Williamstown.

Julie-Anne told 3AW’s Tom Elliott she took her two dogs for a walk on Tuesday and was shocked to find her dog’s feet had turned green.

“I began to suspect the council were spraying Round Up. I gave them a call! Suspicions correct,” she said.

The Director of Infrastructure and City Services Bill Millard has since responded to the incident, supplying the following statement to 3AW Drive:

 “We are aware that a small dog ran through an area that had been sprayed earlier that morning and that is regrettable.

 “We have assured the owner the blue on the dog’s paws was a dye used to mark that the area had been treated earlier for weeds.

 “We’ve also since this incident undertaken a further review of our procedures to avoid this happening again and have decided to increase our signage, treat smaller areas at a time and reduce spraying nearby to off leash areas.

 “Where possible, Council tries to reduce our use of chemicals in weed control by using mechanical methods such as mowing, slashing or burning. However there are still some situations where the only practical option is herbicide spray.

 “Council has continued to reduce our reliance on herbicides over the years especially around high activity areas where people congregate such as shopping centres, along property fences, parks and kindergartens.”

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