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Domestic violence a ‘gender issue’: Fiona McCormack with Neil Mitchell

A leading voice on domestic violence says we need the ‘courage’ to accept the problem is a gender issue.

Domestic Violence Victoria head Fiona McCormack also told Neil Mitchell she was disappointed to see a Liberal MP snub Rosie Batty in parliament on Thursday.

Ms McCormack on men feeling blamed

It is a gender issue, because primarily this is an issue perpetrated by men.

That doesn’t mean all men are evil, that they’re all bastards. This is learned behaviour. This is social.

And just as this is learned behaviour, so can it be un-learned.

We have to have the courage to look at why it is some men choose to behave this way.

Ms McCormack on MP Graham Watt’s snub

On the one hand it’s kinda tricky, because you don’t want people to be on this journey (when) they’re kicking and screaming.

But on the other hand, I feel really disappointed because of what Rosie has contributed to us as a community.

Her sacrifice is enormous.

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