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‘Don’t go to the UFC’: Neil Mitchell on Rhonda Rousey violent history

Neil Mitchell has urged Victorians to boycott Rhonda Rousey’s UFC fight on Sunday.

He detailed Rousey’s brutal bashing of her then boyfriend, saying it shows an unhealthy acceptance of violence in mixed martial arts.

‘She describes kneeing him in the face, tossing him on the kitchen floor, leaving him writhing on the sidewalk,’ he said.

The boyfriend had published naked photos of her, ‘which is obviously a horrible thing for someone to do’.

‘Fair enough she was furious, but she then beat the living daylight out of him. That is not the right thing to do.

‘To me it shows a culture and acceptance of violence (in UFC).

‘Rousey has criticised Floyd Mayweather (for his record of domestic violence), but she’s done a similar thing.

‘Is it really any different that it’s a woman instead of a man?’

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