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Donald Trump elected president of the United States of America

LATEST: Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says there’s no need for Australians to be nervous about Donald Trump’s presidency.

Ms Bishop told Neil Mitchell the government is ready to work with Mr Trump following yesterday’s stunning election result.

‘I see this as an opportunity to re-energise the US leadership in a number of areas,’ she said.

‘I have maintained consistently that the Australian Government would work constructively with whomever the American people chose as their president.

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She said there were some positive signs in Trump’s victory speech, despite a sometimes brutal campaign. 

‘There are matters where we clearly don’t agree with the statements that have been made, trade is one,’ she said.

‘Donald Trump made it quite clear that he’s a negotiator.’

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Political activist Will Folks, who campaigned for Trump’s election, said while he was undoubtedly an ‘unscripted individual’ his policies were a common sense approach Americans craved.

‘It will be very interesting to see which Donald Trump we get,’ he said.

‘I do think the coalition he built is more diverse than people give him credit for.

‘I think you might be surprised to see Donald Trump is a far saner president than Hillary Clinton may have been.’


The controversial Republican is America’s 45th president. 

‘We will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the American dream,’ Mr Trump said after claiming victory.

But what will the result mean for Australia?

‘For Australia, I think our biggest concern will be his relationship with China,’ International Relations lecturer Dr Kumuda Simpson-Gray told Tom Elliott on 3AW Drive yesterday.

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