Donate: 3AW live from the The Alfred hospital Fathers Day appeal

Father’s Day is an opportunity to focus on men’s health.

In the 15 years since it commenced, The Alfred Father’s Appeal has raised millions of dollars which has genuinely improved the care The Alfred offers to men, their families and the entire community.

This Father’s day The Alfred is encouraging all men to become healthy heroes and 3AW is helping spread the message.

PHOTOS: 3AW live from The Alfred for the Healthy Heroes Father’s Day Appeal

VIDEO: Tom Elliott takes the stress test

Ross and John, Neil Mitchell, Denis Walter and Tom Elliott are broadcasting live from the hospital today, following from Bruce and Phil’s live broadcast last night.

The Alfred’s Director of Trauma Services Professor Mark Fitzgerald took Neil Mitchell on a behind the scenes tour of the trauma centre.

They started on the heli pad, and followed the route a trauma patient would take when they arrive to be treated at the hospital.

LISTEN: Behind the scenes of The Alfred’s trauma centre

Two years ago Greg Hocking had a heart attack as he was riding his bike on a Sunday afternoon. 

An anaesthetist, who specialises in cardiology, was driving by at the time and saved his life. 

He’s a lucky man, and told Denis Walter about his incredible story.

LISTEN: Heart attack survivor Greg Hocking