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Doug Fryer addresses police members in a video detailing the pursuit policy

A video obtained by 3AW Mornings outlines in detail the Victoria Police pursuit policy.

Doug Fryer, the Assistant Commissioner for Road Policing sent this video message out to all members a month ago.

He starts it by saying that there seems to be a level of confusion about when to do a pursuit.

‘It’s time for me to set the record straight’ 

‘You can consider a pursuit if the risk doesn’t outweigh the benefit’ says Doug Fryer in the video. 

The pursuit policy came into effect in July last year.

WATCH the video below

Doug Fryer joined Neil in the studio to chat about the policy.

‘It was timely to let our members know that we were reviewing the current policy and what they could do on the current policy now’ 

‘We were averaging four or five pursuits under the old policy, now were looking at one a day’ – Fryer told 3AW Mornings.

WATCH Doug Fryer and Neil in the studio below

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