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Doyle’s deputy Arron Wood explains why he doesn’t want to be Mayor

Arron Wood has confirmed he won’t run for Lord Mayor of Melbourne.

Councillor Wood has been Acting Lord Mayor since the departure of Robert Doyle, but today told Neil Mitchell a number of factors contributed to his decision.

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“There’s not any one reason,” Wood said, before nominating his young family as a key factor.

“I’m not seeing a lot of (his two children) lately, and just contemplating that I’d miss out on those key milestones that you just don’t get back.”

Mr Wood also said he was wary of rate-payers’ hip pockets.

“If I had of run and won there would have been a by-election for the deputy mayor position; it would’ve cost more money,” he said.

“But probably the most important part of that was that we’ve been through as period of serious instability and a pretty torrid time, the last thing we want really is another election.”

“I don’t think Deputy Lord Mayor is second prize; there’s kind of that insinuation that it might be, but I ran at the last election as the deputy and I think I’ve got a lot more work to do.

“I’ve been able to drive some great projects that I’m really passionate about and Deputy Lord Mayor of this city is a really significant role in it own right.”