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Dozens killed as truck plows through Bastille Day crowd in Nice, France


More than 70 people have been killed after a truck drove into crowds in the French city of Nice.

The shocking incident took place while revellers gathered for Bastille Day celebrations.

More than 100 others have been hurt – three of them Australian – in what French officials have been labelled a deliberate attack.

An Australian journalist caught in the horror admits the panic was like nothing he’d experienced before.

He took refuge in a storage room while the drama unfolded.

‘As dramatic as it sounds, your life does start flashing before you,’ Ben Terry told Neil Mitchell.

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Another couple close to the scene left early to avoid the wind.

Only to hear the commotion shortly after returning to his hotel.

Mark spoke with Neil Mitchell from his balcony.

‘I was there right until the end of the fireworks, a DJ started up, it was good, nice music.’

‘The wind came up, I said to my wife I want to put a jumper on, let’s go and watch from the balcony.’ 

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Tom Elliott spoke with Melbourne University student, Rhys Lawry.

Rhys was a few hundred metres away from the attack.

He was on the promenade in Nice, France when the terror attack occurred.

Hundreds of people started running and Rhys lost sight of his friends.

One friend is in hospital with a broken leg.

‘What comes out of this is people afraid to leave their house, and afraid to travel.’

‘This is absolutely terrible, you can’t imagine not being able to travel because you are afraid.’

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