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Dozens of patients moved from John Fawkner Hospital

Dozens of patients at John Fawkner Hospital in Coburg have been evacuated after a wall shifted during construction work.

The wall contains the hospital’s main power supply and would cause a full blackout if it collapsed.

In total, 67 patients are being moved to other hospitals.

3AW Drive caller Terryn told Tom Elliott her mother is being moved to the Alfred.

“She’s got a respiratory infection,” she said.

“With all the infections around at the moment – with all the infections around at the moment, you’re sort of in an isolation area.

“Anything around moving patients is probably a bit problematic.”

CEO David Hoy says no one is injured and the evacuation is a precaution.

“We don’t believe there’s any risk in the wall falling, but we’ve decided to take precautionary measure,” he said.