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Dr Michael Carr-Gregg’s tips on how to talk to kids about coronavirus

As Australia ramps up efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus, growing fear and restrictions on social interaction are proving challenging for both adults and children alike.

Psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg said it’s important parents both reassure their children and teach them how to behave in these uncertain times.

“There’s no escape, so I think we need to be the ones that set the emotional tone,” he told 3AW’s Tony Jones, filling in for Neil Mitchell.

“We need to say ‘look, this isn’t the plague, the fact is that most people only get a mild illness and fully recover, and kids seem to only get a very mild version of it’.

“It’s about controlling what we can control, which is their behaviour. Not washing your hands is just not an option anymore.

“Practicing social distancing, this is the new version of teaching kids to cross the road or how to swim.

“The aim is to let them know that we’re taking it seriously but we’re not panicking.”

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