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Dr Peter Larkins left incensed by ugly incident


Dr Peter Larkins has been left incensed by Tomas Bugg’s hit on Callum Mills, saying the strike could have killed him.

The leading sports medico said the AFL had to ensure Bugg received a significant penalty – possibly 10 games – to ensure it didn’t happen again.

“They have to be sensitive to the environment we’re in with violence,” Dr Larkins said on 3AW Football.

“We talk about incidental and accidental concussion every week, but when you have a deliberate act that causes concussion, or a broken jaw, or a brain bleed … that’s why I’m talking about potential death.

“It’s not a word I use lightly – potential death.

“We had a colleague of ours – David Hookes – there have been plenty of people who have died from single hits – I can show you the medical records.

“I’m not trying to embellish this story, I’m just trying to make a point to the public.

“The AFL has a vested interest in not seeing that again.”

Dr Larkins said the seriousness of Bugg’s action should not be understated, simply because it happened on a football field.

“That’s a criminal offence in the general public,” he pointed out.

“I’m getting more angry by the hour.”

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