Dramatic police chase ends in arrests, scanner claims


An attempted armed robbery has ended in a dramatic police chase across Gippsland and two arrests.

The incident happened at a liquor store in Sale.

A caller to 3AW claimed the chase was called off by police when a illegal broadcast was made on the police radio.

9 News Gippsland reporter Alex Tzatzimakis told Ross and John it was obvious someone other than police was speaking.

“Throughout the broadcast you could tell someone, a pirate, had jumped on, you could tell very clearly it was not a police member making those calls,” she said.

“But I’m not aware of someone calling the police chase off, other than police.”

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Police took pursuit and the chase ended in Traralgon, nearly 50 kilomtres away, in the arrest of a man, 21, and woman, 22.

Earlier caller Brett told 3AW Breakfast someone managed to make an illegal broadcast over police radio during the chase, prompting officers to call it off.

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