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Drink drive crackdown set to be introduced

The State Government is set to get tougher on low level drink drivers, which could see an increase up to 300% of interlocks installed Victorian vehicles.

Speaking with Neil Mitchell, Minister for Roads and RoadSafety Luke Donnellan explained why the change is set to happen.

‘What we’ve found with the interlock devices, is it reduces the recidivism,’ Mr Donnellan said.

‘The repeat drink drivers are reduced by 60%.’

That reduction could save 80 lives, based on last year’s figures where 252 lives were taken on our roads.

Previously, an interlock has been installed for offences of .07 or higher, however under the new regime anybody who is found over the limit of .05 will have an interlock installed.

‘It’s tough, but if your mother doesn’t come home, if your sister doesn’t come home, that’s pretty tough as well.’

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Interlock systems work by having the driver blow into the system and if their BAC is over .02, the interlock prevents the car from starting for five minutes. For higher level BAC readings, the lock remains for 30 minutes.

Smart Start Interlocks managing director John Doherty told Neil Mitchell the system is working.

‘If you spend a day on the phone here and listening to people trying to start their vehicles with alcohol on their breath even with an interlock and seeing the effect it has, you’d know that it is quite a good, positive thing to have out there,’ said Mr Doherty.

Currently Smart Start Interlocks have 2500 active clients in Victoria.

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