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Drinking beer is good for you says expert on Neil Mitchell’s show

Could drinking beer be good for you? Or is the latest research to come out of Europe too good to be true. 

Italian scientists have found drinking two small cans of beer a day can reduce your risk of heart and circulation diseases.

Neil Mitchell went to expert Dr Ross Walker, cardiologist and health spokesperson for Macquarie Radio Network, on Thursday who says the research is true.

But it comes with a catch.

Dr Walker says if you combine any form of alcohol with Mediterranean style eating you then get a modest benefit.

‘Most of the studies show people who eat a good healthy diet and have a couple of drinks a day, and the Walker suggested dose is 250mils of wine, or a couple of small beers or a couple of nips of scotch and not a grandfather size nip, you do get a modest benefit,’ he said. 

‘But it depends on the diet as well.’

The diet Dr Walker is speaking about is eating two pieces of fruit a day, two-five serves of vegetables, little bits of chicken, meat, fish, eggs, nuts and olive oil. 

‘Get rid of all this processed packaged muck masquerading as food,’ Dr Walker said  

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