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Driver pinged twice at same speed camera on the Hume Freeway


Drivers can be fined twice at the same spot, at the same time, one fine for point-to-point, the other for instantaneous speed.

Following Sam’s claim yesterday that he was pinged twice at the same spot for different speeds, Road Safety Camera Commissioner John Voyage clarified the situation to Neil Mitchell.

“Distance divided by time gives average speed,” Mr Voyage said.

“So this particular pair of offences relates to both an instantaneous offence and a point-point offence.

“139 was the instantaneous speed but the average speed between is 151.”

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“Take the speed out of it, is it fair to be fined twice for what’s effectively the same thing?” Neil said.


A man has received two speeding fines on the Hume Freeway, on the same day and at exactly time.

Sam Muratore contacted Neil after receiving two fines on the same day, same time and place, but at two different speeds.

“On the fine it says it’s the same camera but they’re just worded a bit differently,” Sam said.

“But both at exactly 11.47pm.”

Sam says his cruise control was at 110km/hr but one fine says he was doing 151km/hr and the other 139km/hr.

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The Department of Justice and Regulation issued 3AW Mornings with the following statement:

The Hume Freeway camera system enforces both point-to-point and instantaneous offences.

Point-to-point cameras calculate the average speed of a vehicle by determining the time taken to travel between two points.

Any alleged offence detected is scrutinised thoroughly and verified before Victoria Police issue a speeding infringement.

They say there is no problem with cameras on the Hume, and that if someone is caught consistently speeding  above the limit between two points, they can receive a fine for both point to point and instantaneous offences.

If you suspect you’ve been issued a dodgy speeding fine on the Hume, send it through to