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Drivers who block intersections largely going unpunished

VicRoads will target drivers who block intersections, adding to traffic congestion and commuter woes in the city, after finding fines for committing a breach are rarely enforced.

As reported in The Age, four intersections will be targeted to see if they can tweak lights to stop it.

Sameem Moslih, VicRoads Director of Journey Services for VicRoads, told 3AW Breakfast one incident could have knock-on effects across the road network.

“It may be that they’re saving themselves two seconds but they’re creating big headaches for others,” Sameem said.

Drivers should cop a $159 fine for blocking but offenders are rarely caught in the act.

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“Alexandra Parade and Punt Road and well as the Eastern Freeway and Bulleen Road, those are two of the main ones,” he said.