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Drones are everywhere, but there’s still major safety and privacy concerns

Drones seem to be the way of the future, but there’s still major safety and privacy concerns among the community. 

Tech futurist Steve Sammartino tells 3AW’s Nick McCallum, ‘They’re here now and they’re everywhere.’

The reason why? Steve tells 3AW Drive, ‘The cost and performance ratio of drones has dropped 142 times in the last six years.’

To put into perspective, he says a $1000 drone today would have cost $142,000 six years ago.

Steve says, ‘They’re super easy to fly,’ unlike older RC airplanes.

He says they are the future in a lot of ways, but people still have major privacy concerns.

‘We need to have a balance between the law and the privacy and where and how we use them,’ Steve said on 3AW Drive.

‘Drones will be The Jetson’s flying car we’ve all been dreaming of for 60 years.’

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