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Drug-fuelled weekend: Police blitz finds drugs in a quarter of cars checked outside Marysville music festival

A quarter of vehicles checked by police outside an electronic music festival in Marysville at the weekend contained illicit drugs.

Police checked cars travelling along Lake Mountain Road throughout the three day Wild Horses Music Festival.

Sixty people were charged with drug possession during the bust, and three drivers were also found with drugs in their system.

Two revellers were taken to hospital due to drug overdoses at the festival.

A 27-year-old male was airlifted to the Royal Melbourne Hospital on Saturday morning, and a young woman was taken to hospital by road on Sunday morning.

Senior Sergeant Mark Hesse said “a cocktail” of illegal substances were found by police.

“Speed, cocaine, MDMA, TBH, ice and, alarmingly, ketamine, which is used on horses so I don’t know why you’d be taking that,” he told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

Four unroadworthy vehicles were detected, and 20 people were charged for traffic offences.

Senior Sergeant Hesse warned festival-goers to be aware of the consequences of being caught with illicit substances.

“We’re certainly not the fun police. We’re not trying to stop people doing what they enjoy but, I tell you what, when it comes to illicit drugs that’s where we do get involved,” he said.

But he said the blitz findings weren’t surprising.

“We’ve had these festivals in our area before and the results are generally the same.”

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Image: Picture Alliance