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Drug law reform inquiry to make ’50 recommendations’

in studio with neil mitchell

The inquiry into drug law reform in Victoria will make 50 recommendations when it’s made public this afternoon.

Fiona Patten told Neil Mitchell it would advocate “fundamental changes” to the system.

It began in November 2015.

“It is probably the most comprehensive inquiry into drug policy ever in Australia,” the leader of the Reason Party said on 3AW.

“On a day we’re talking about rorts and about our absolute disgust with most politicians, this is actually the work that I think parliament does best.”

Ms Patten said it examined everything from decriminalisation to treatment and even legalisation.

“Decriminalisation is a difficult word because people don’t know what it means,” she said.

“In the last 12 months we arrested 25,000 people in Victoria for the possession of drugs, mainly cannabis, and charged a large number.

“I think it’s a waste of the court’s time.

“They’re mostly young people and it gives them a criminal record and puts them at a great disadvantage.”

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in studio with neil mitchell