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Drunk bike thief gets the guilts, posts Gumtree ad


It seems a drunken Kensington bike thief has launched an online campaign to make amends after waking with drinkers’ remorse.

The 3AW Rumour File was alerted to an ad from the alleged culprit on Gumtree under the headline ‘Did I Steal Your Bike?’.

He/she tells the story as well as we could.

‘I went out drinking last night at a pub in Kensington, Melbourne. Long story short I got super hammered and lost my wallet,’ the Gumtreet post read.

‘With no friends near by and no disernable [sic] way home, I stole a bike from outside and rode it home.

‘Now, in the clarity of the morning after, I have realised that its actually a pretty nice bike and I’m sure someone is looking for it. So if you know someone who had their bike taken on Friday the 18th of March. Please contact me so they can get it back.’

‘It is a beige women’s bike with gears. It is not a high performance bike but more one for riding to and from the shops.’

The ad has since been listed as ‘sold’, and the author’s phone number has been hidden.