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Drunk mothers who viciously bashed a paramedic out on bail

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Two women who viciously bashed a paramedic and were given jail time yesterday are out on bail and are now preparing to appeal their sentences.

3AW Mornings Senior Producer Heidi Murphy said Paul Judd, who was the victim of the brutal attack, received the news the women were appealing this morning.

“I had a conversation with Paul last night, he was saying how relieved he was and how he hoped to get back to work one day,” she said.

“This morning I received a message to say the two women are appealing their sentence and are out on bail.

“This case will go back before the County Court at the end of January.”

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A pair of drunken mothers who viciously bashed, kicked and stomped on a veteran paramedic, breaking his foot and ending his career, have been sent to jail.

Amanda Warren, 31, spend eight months behind bars and Caris Underwood, 20, will serve six months after the bashing of 61-year-old Paul Judd in 2016.

Judd, a veteran of 40 years, was attempting to treat a drug-affected man in Reservoir in March 2016, when the women attacked him.

He suffered multiple fractures and has undergone multiple surgeries to repair his severely damaged foot.

3AW reporter Anthony Laughton spoke Tom Elliott from outside court.

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Photos: Sharnelle Vella, 7 News

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