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‘Dudded’ caravan park operator challenges insurance company to come visit her

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A caravan park operator has challenged an insurance company to come stay with her after they refused to pay her out beyond January 13, saying her caravan park is now habitable.

That’s despite the fact her park is still in a Watch and Act warning area, and filled with smoke.

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3AW Mornings has chosen not to name Andrea’s park or the insurance company.

Andrea told Heidi Murphy the insurance company had only agreed to insure her family for the days on which her business couldn’t be accessed by road.

But the roads are now cleared.

An emotional Andrea said no one would want to stay at the park in the current conditions and called on the insurance company to look beyond spreadsheets and tick boxes.

Heidi Murphy said Andrea had been “dudded” and more compassion and common sense was required.

“You shouldn’t have to fight, you shouldn’t have to come onto the radio to shame them into it,” she said.

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