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Dumplings with Dan: Labor needs to answer its own 2017 questions

It’s time for Labor to answer their own questions.

That’s Neil Mitchell’s take after revelations Premier Daniel Andrews has dined at least twice at upmarket Melbourne Chinese restaurant the Flower Drum with Ferrari-driving developer John Woodman.

Daniel Andrews and his government went after Matthew Guy for his lobster with an alleged mobster — “a man, by the way, who denies any wrongdoing and has never been convicted of anything,” Neil said this morning.

“It did Matthew Guy enormous damage.

“If Matthew Guy had questions to answer, so does the Premier.”

Which questions?

Well, maybe the government can take inspiration from the list of questions they used in a press release to attack Mr Guy last year.

“Who chose the venue?

“Who organised the guest list?

“Who paid?

“These are the sort of questions the government asked of Matthew Guy’s lobster meal and, now that premier has had his dumplings, he must answer the same questions.

“I don’t believe the Premier is corrupt, nor do I believe Matthew Guy is corrupt.

“What we’re talking about here is consistency — Daniel Andrews and his government can’t savage Matthew Guy on his lobster, and dismiss this incident.”

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