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Dust storm whips Victoria after summery October night

A dust storm has whipped across Victoria after a night of warm temperatures across the state.

The mercury didn’t dip below 26.5° in Melbourne last night after reaching a maximum of 33.6° about 5.30pm.

Melbourne’s warm night was on track to break the record for the warmest October minimum of about 25°.

However, that’s very unlikely to happen due to a technicality — weather records are kept on the basis of 9am-9am daily cycles, and a cool change is expected to hit about 8am.

The heat has been accompanied by strong wind gusts, including up to 124km/h at Mount William and 70km/h at Geelong.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Michael Efron said the dust haze is particularly bad in the state’s north-west and the alpine regions.

“Really dry conditions over the past 12-24 months has seen plenty of dust through that region,” he said.

“Visibility is down to one kilometre.”

More gusty wins are expected when a thunderstorm works its way across the state in the afternoon and evening.

Nonetheless, the health.vic website says there is only a low thunderstorm asthma risk for today and tomorrow.

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