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Dustin Martin ‘deeply embarrassed’ by incident on Chapel Street

Fresh details have emerged about an incident involving an apparently ‘blind drunk’ Dustin Martin at a Chapel Street restaurant on Saturday night.

The Richmond ace has been accused of threatening to stab a woman with a chopstick.

Martin apologised on Monday for his actions.

But Caroline Wilson revealed on Sports Today the woman in question was a Channel 7 employee and ‘wasn’t all that happy’ the story went public.

‘She didn’t particularly want to go public but was put under pressure, that’s what I’m told,’ Wilson revealed on 3AW.

‘That doesn’t mean it’s not true.

‘I’ve got no reason to disbelieve her, Richmond has no reason to disbelieve her.

‘Clearly, if she decides to take the matter further – which she had not been planning to do – then Dustin could be in trouble with the police.

‘You can’t threaten to stab someone, even if it’s a chopstick.

‘He (Martin) was absolutely blind drunk and apparently doesn’t remember a huge amount of what happened.’

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