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Dusty’s dad ‘angry and disappointed’, but the PM’s ‘proud’

Shane Martin is feeling angry and baffled at being kept out of Australia, according to a friend of the Brownlow favourite’s father.

Jarrod Gilbert, a researcher who came to know Martin when working on a documentary about outlaw bikie gangs, told Neil Mitchell his friend is upset at the latest developments.

“I just spoke to him this morning, he’s feeling fairly disappointed,” Jarrod said.

“He goes between being fairly angry, but mostly disappointed and baffled.

“He’s incredibly hurt.”

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It comes after the news today that Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has pushed through an amendment to the Migration Act to stop Martin and around 20 other people with cancelled visas, from re-entering Australia.

Earlier Neil Mitchell asked the PM if Shane Martin posed a threat to the safety of the country.

“Of course,” a resolute Malcolm Turnbull replied.

“We make no apologies, in fact we’re proud of it,” he added of the government’s tough stance on visas.

Neil agreed Martin shouldn’t be given special privileges because of his son’s position.

“I don’t think you can make an exception for Dustin Martin’s dad, just because his son plays football,” he said.