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Dwayne Russell says Adam Scott has ‘bigger fish’ to fry

Adam Scott has chosen not to participate at the Rio Olympic Games later this year, due to ‘an extremely busy playing schedule’ at the time of the Games.

The decision has raised eyebrows in the Australian sporting landscape, however AFL champion Matthew Richardson has no issue with it.

‘It’s not like it’s a traditional Olympic sport,’ he said on Sports Today.

‘It’s golf and it’s the first time (as an Olympic sport).

‘He would have grown up just looking at the Masters as something he wanted to win and not the Olympics.’

Sports Today co-host Dwayne Russell agree’s with Richo.

‘He’s got bigger fish to fry,’ said Russell.

‘He represents his country every day of the week.’

Russell suggests that the Olympics is perhaps not quite what it used to be.

‘Being in the spotlight for a week every four years is probably not like being an AFL Footballer these days where you can earn a million dollar a year and be a superstar,’ he said.

‘If you’re playing for a unified group like a Collingwood, you’re Collingwood for life.

‘It’s nice to be involved in a fraternity.’

Meanwhile, Gerard Healy does not think golf should be at the Olympics at all.

‘It’s almost farcical,’ said Healy.

Scott joins basketballer Ben Simmons as Australian athletes that have elected against participating at the 2016 Olympics.

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