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Dwayne Russell says AFL players would become ‘worldwide laughing stock’ if they sit down in protest

Dwayne Russell says AFL players would become a ‘worldwide laughing stock’ if they sat down on the field during a game in a bid to secure a better pay deal.

The Sportsday host came off the long-run on Thursday after Collingwood captain Scott Pendlebury said he’d have ‘no qualms’ sitting down in the first quarter of a game in protest.

The players want a set percentage of AFL revenue.

‘I’ve always been a Scott Pendlebury fan, but he’s lost me with the stupidity of his statement there,’ Dwayne Russell said on 3AW.

The Sportsday made it crystal clear that he supported the players’ push for a pay rise, but said they were going about it the wrong way and acting like ‘spoilt brats.’

‘They’d be a worldwide laughing stock (if they sat down),’ Russell said.

He said the players risked putting the fans offside.

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