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Early finals loss for a Magpie fan who’s plated up the wrong number on the road

An apparent Collingwood supporter snapped cruising through Melbourne with a dozen number plates displayed faces nearly $500 in fines.

Ross and John listener Chris asked whether the above set-up, which he spotted last night, was allowed.

The predominantly black-and-white number plates included Collingwood Football Clubs logos.

Chris Miller from VicRoads confirmed it was illegal.

“The only registration you’re legally allowed to display are those issued by VicRoads, and you only get two,” he said.

The two most likely fines are:

Use of vehicle with altered, incorrect or misrepresented number plates (two demerit points, $322)

Numbers plates not fixed or displayed in accordance with regulations (one demerit point, $161)

“And if he drove past a speed camera he’d be up for – what – a dozens fines?!” Miller joked.