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Easiest job in the world? The man who markets NYC across the globe

This morning Ross and John were visited by a man who they think might just have the easiest job in the world.

Chris Heywood is the senior VP of Global Communications for “NYC & Company” – New York City’s Official Destination Marketing Organisation and he’s in town as part of MEL&NYC, a celebration of two of the world’s great cities, coinciding with the arrival of a huge MoMA exhbition at NGV.

Effectively, he’s in charge of marketing New York City to the world.

Chris told Ross and John they had a whopping 62.8 million visitors last year, and Australians can’t get enough of New York.

“It’s a destination that Australians absolutely love, it’s the fifth largest overseas market,” he said.

“The thing about New York is it continues to evolve.

“It’s a true melting pot.”

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