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Eating mouldy food items can be potentially dangerous

Is it safe to eat mouldy food?

3AW Drive presenter Tom Elliott revealed if there is mould on bread, he simply toasts it.

Arabella Forge, nutritionist and author of Nutrient Dense Food On A Shoe String, says mould can be ‘potentially dangerous’ and Tom should buy a new loaf.

‘If you can see mould growing, it’s usually a strong indication that there might be other micros in it as well,’ Ms. Forge said.

She says there is a general rule you can follow for ‘hard foods’ like vegetables. 

‘If it’s got a little bit of mould on it, if you cut an inch away from the mould the rest of the food can be ok.’

Foods such as blue cheese that appear to be off are made with a different type of mould that aren’t damaging to your health. 

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