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Eight people shot dead in eight weeks, police urge public to dob in illegal firearms

Victoria Police are urging the family and friends of people with illegal firearms to dob them in to police, after eight shooting deaths in eight weeks on Melbourne streets.

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Special Operations, Tess Walsh, told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell the recent increase in the prevalence of firearm incidents is a key issue of concern.

“We want nothing more than to stop these shootings,” she said.

“Family members will know about the risks, they’ll know about the tension and the escalation in certain groups and families.

“I appeal to people to get in contact with us … let us help take guns out of the community and stop this,” she said.

“No good can come from this when young men are either dead or incarcerated for the rest of their life.”

Ms Walsh apologised after two handguns, which are possibly linked to a murder in South Yarra on Friday night, were found by a five-year-old girl the following day.

“I understand that it must have been incredibly frightening for the children and their mother, and I’m really sorry that happened. It shouldn’t have happened,” she said.

Of the six shooting incidents which have occurred in the past eight weeks four have been solved and the other two remain ongoing active investigations.

Ms Walsh stressed that the shooting incidents do not appear to be linked.

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