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Eileen Piper tells Neil Mitchell she’ll continue to fight for an apology from the Catholic church

Eileen Piper refuses to give up.

The 92-year-old continues to fight for an apology from the Catholic church after her daughter Stephanie committed suicide in 1994.

Stephanie was a victim of repeated sexual abuse at the hands of a priest.

But Eileen has never received an acknowledgement from the church that it happened, let alone an apology.

So she became the oldest person to start an online petition.

Ms Piper told Neil Mitchell she wanted an apology before she died.

‘I’m so bruised, so hurt, by the attitudes of the church and different priests I’ve dealt with,’ she said on 3AW Mornings.

‘They’ve shown me no kindness, no mercy.

‘I really feel that they didn’t believe Stephanie ? they’ve said they don’t believe her ? but I know it happened.

‘My pillow is a mountain at night ? I can’t sleep.’

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If you need help or information, please visit, call Suicide Helpline Victoria on 1300 651 251, or Lifeline on 131 114.