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EJ Whitten Legends Game shock: Ross and John’s charity sticker system

The future of the famous EJ Whitten Legends game is in doubt after the foundation sacked the firm contracted to run the event.

That happened as figures emerged showing hundreds of thousands of dollars donated for cancer research has been soaked up by costs and fees.

A Herald Sun investigation found only 6 cents in every $1 donated to the Legends game since 2008 has found its way into cancer research.

The situation got Ross and John thinking about a system to better publicise what charities are doing with our money.

They landed on stickers:

  • GREEN STICKER: At least 66 per cent goes to charity
  • YELLOW STICKER: At least 33 per cent goes to charity
  • RED STICKER: Less than 33 per cent goes to charity

‘I think we’re on a winner.’

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